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    Wednesday, November 6th, 2013
    1:03 pm
    Are Hair Loss Treatments a Scam?
    A man obsessed with his baldness committed suicide after a variety of lotions and treatments, including Provillus, failed to halt his hair loss, an inquest was told yesterday. Roy White, 43, a civil servant, could not come to terms with his receding hairline and talked about the subject continually, the coroner's court in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, was told.

    Eventually, he drove to a country lane near his home in Hitchin, where he took a lethal mixture of alcohol and drugs before gassing himself with his car's exhaust. The coroner, Dr John Vick, recorded a verdict of suicide.

    Although there is no evidence baldness remedies such as Provillus have any restorative effect on withering follicles, they at least share this quality with almost every hair loss treatment on the market today. Ever since the human race shed its body hair to become the naked ape, it has been trying to prevent the loss of the rest. With almost three quarters of men suffering the effects of androgenic alopecia - male-pattern baldness - by the age of 40, the search for an effective treatment like Provillus has long been regarded as a Holy Grail for the pharmaceutical industry.

    Snake-oil salesmen - the term comes from 19th-century American hawkers of dubious hair tonics - continue to push all manner of supposedly proven baldness remedies, from helmets that bathe the scalp in electromagnetic radiation to lotions made from rare Amazonian shrubs. But only three therapies can boast any scientific evidence in support of their claims. One is hair transplant, which depends on a combination of the surgeon's skill and luck.

    The two proven drug treatments are more reliable, but do not always work and can have unpleasant side-effects. Minoxidil, sold under the brand name Regaine, was originally developed as a blood-pressure drug, and was remarketed as a baldness cure when patients noticed that stronger hair growth was a significant side-effect. Clinical trials suggest that it stops hair loss or promotes regrowth in up to two thirds of men, but it can irritate the scalp. Provillus is a hair loss treatment that uses minoxidil in its formula, so it can be somewhat effective in halting hair loss and even promoting hair growth.

    Propecia, the brand name for the newer baldness drug finasteride, licensed last year and available by private prescription, will halt hair loss in 80 percent of men and prompt regrowth in about two thirds - but it can lead to temporary difficulty in achieving an erection.
    Friday, August 10th, 2012
    10:59 am
    ProSolution Pills - Do They Really Work?
    There is no questioning that prescribed medications for men have become more and more popular in the marketplace. No matter where we are or what time it is, these libido boosters are advertised to us. We see them on television all the time. And health magazines are full of ads for these types of products. The notorious Blue Pill has become just as famous a brand as Heinz or Nike. Regrettably, while this health item is very fashionable and can be efficacious in a lot of ways, it does require an appointment with a physician who must decide whether or not to give you a prescription before you can get a hold of it.

    As if impotence is not uncomfortable enough, these pharmaceuticals often require you to head into a hospital and have an intimate conversation about how you cannot execute or practice the sex that you want. But you can completely prevent this uncomfortable scenario with a libido product such as ProSolution Pills, which you can read more about at this website.

    Prosolution gives you a lot of things that the famous prescription pills do not. And you can buy this health product in complete privacy. That means you don’t have to go to a doctor and provide him or her with all of embarrassing details of your sex life. Now you can invest far more time on concentrating on your sexual satisfaction and the satisfaction of your partner.

    Another point to remember when comparing ProSolution Pills with pharmaceuticals is that Pro Solution is totally natural. While prescription drugs do have the capability to boost your sex-related expertise, there are a variety of adverse reactions and disadvantages that come with their frequent doses. This is not the case in any way with natural male enhancers because they are natural and healthy and have no adverse reactions due to their 100 % organic substances.

    And if you also consider that these products come with full money-back guarantees, then it becomes even more difficult to rationalize buying prescribed impotence medications at all. And to further enhance your sexual performance, you might try Semenax, which increases the amound of semen you ejaculate. You can read more about this male enhancement product at Semenax Review.

    Safety, convenience, and privacy aside, the male enhancement product known as Prosolution is also famous for creating a stronger physical presence in the bedroom. You will really be able to please your partner by taking this totally healthy, natural product. The fact is, most men don’t need a prescription drug to help fix their sex problems. A simple, yet powerful, male enhancement pill like ProSolution should really do the trick. After all, what have you got to lose?
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